Custom Giantess SM Vore Videos

For the month of May I am offering Custom Giantess SM Vore Videos with no upfront cost! I will simply add to my Giantess Clips 4 Sale Store for purchase at your convenience!

Please submit your scripts and ideas for Giantess, SM, and Vore Videos below and I would be happy to produce your Custom Giantess SM Vore Video at my earliest convenience.

For those who have yet to purchase a Clip please check out my Giantess Clip Stores and fill your cart with all my fabulous Clips!

I look forward to hearing the requests from my fans!

Happy Spring!

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Unlucky Little Man

I am in the Waiting to be called in for my biggest job interview ever when something on the floor catches my eye. I can’t believe my eyes, it’s a little man! I try not to cause a scene. I don’t want to blow this important interview!
I am quickly called in, so without thinking I pick up the little guy and put him in my purse.
When I return home I pull him out and try to make sense of what is happening.
He tells me he is my lucky charm and he was there to help me get the job. I argue that! I walked into the appointment pale as if I had just seen a ghost and was all tongue tied!
Almost in tears I warn him, if I don’t get this dream job it will be all his fault.
I get the call and I was right. I didn’t get the job! My lucky charm just turned ito my Not so lucky charm!
I tell him I’ll give him a chance to survive and will let him run and try to hide. But I find him soon enough and squash him under my foot! Not So Lucky Charm Now! *1280×720 *No Nudity

Note the Preview on Clips4Sale wasn’t giving a clear idea of what this film was about so I have uploaded a better preview for you here.

Purchase the full clip Here
Enjoy My Little Leprechauns! <3 Giantess Dee

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Giantess Pussy Licking Small Man SM SFX Video

Thanks to the Clips4Sale Store Owner Under Giantess Feet  I was able to release this amazing Giantess Pussy Licking Small Man SFX Video!
I really hope all my SM SFX Naked Giantess Fans will love this one! I find it so HOT to Watch!

Thanks for your support!

Giantess Pussy Licking Small Man SM SFX Video Here !

I awake to find my boyfriend shrunk. My shrinking dream came! I talk to him so sweet and gentle. Tell him how cute and small he looks. How I must look huge to him. I wonder what it would feel like to kiss me. I bend down as he comes close to kiss me. I pucker to receive but don’t feel a thing. giggles. I am sure there are many things I could do with you. But I decide it would be better that you do some things to me. He moves down to my breast first. Licking and fondling. I almost crush him with it! Giggles. Then he moves down to my pussy. Stroking, and licking. I open up my beautiful pussy lips and expose my glorious hole to him. Licking and stroking me until I cum. Oh honey, I’m so sorry, look at how messy your face is! I almost blew you over with my cum!” giggles *Nudity *1280×720

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The Teachers Shrinking Fetish Student Fantasy

The teacher is sitting at her desk grading papers while the students are playing outside for recess. She is wearing a dress and tanned sheer nylons with black pumps. She is dangling and dipping her shoes in and out under the chair while grading the papers. But little does she know, that one of her students shrank himself ¼ inch tall and sneaked under her desk to gaze at her beautiful nylon feet.

The student is standing under the chair just gazing at how huge and beautiful his teacher’s soles look and how she’s wiggling her toes and continues to dip her shoes in and out. While the student continues watching, the teacher decides to take both of her shoes off and rest her feet on the carpeted floor for some relief. So the student walks up very close to his teachers soles to get a very close look, to sniff her feet and touch her feet, with out her noticing.

The teacher then rubs her feet on the carpet a little and comes very close to stepping on the student. the teacher gets up to look out the window to check on her students and to see how they’re doing.

Then the student gets on top of her foot and rests on it, but then gets knocked out and gets accidentally stepped on by his teacher. The teacher thinks that she stepped on a tiny pebble and rubs on top of the tiny student for her feet to have something to play with. She rubs on top of him, scrunches her toes on him and picks him up  and rubs her heel on top of him for a bit. Then the teacher becomes curious and looks down and wonders what she’s been stepping on. When she picks up the student she looks at him and first thinks it’s a toy.

Then she realizes it looks like one of her students, and freaks out figuring out that it actually is her student. the teacher wonders how he got so tiny, and wonders how did he get shrunken down. She then finds out that the student has a foot fetish and she immediately thinks it’s adorable, and how nice it is that he made all the trouble just to get so close to her feet to admire. the teacher then tells the student that she would let him enjoy her feet a lot more, especially since he‘s one of her favourite students.

So the teacher puts the student on the carpet while standing and towering over him and dangles her foot above his body in a teasing way. Then she puts her foot on top of his body and rubs her soles on him and makes his fantasy turn into a reality. the teacher rubs on his tiny body with every part of her soles as if he’s a tiny foot massager.

She playfully pretends to step on him as she towers over him, and even picks him up with her toes and raises her foot up to give him a little ride up high for him.

The bell has rung, the teacher realizes that the students are coming back to class, so she decides to put the student in her high heel for the remainder of class. So the teacher takes a piece of tape and sticks the student in the arch part of her insole so he wouldn’t move around and when she puts her shoe back on she wouldn’t actually step on him when she walks around. *No Nudity *Available in 1280×720 and 720×576

Click Here For The Teachers Shrunken Student (High Definition) Version.
Click Here For The Teachers Shrunken Student (Standard) Version.
You may also purchase this st Size Fetish.

Please enjoy the free preview!

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