Giantess grows to Mega size!

I love being a huge woman who towers over the men she encounters. There is such a lovely feeling of power as I watch self assured men begin to tremble as my gigantic shadow falls over them as if a massive cloud cover blots out the sun.

Shivers of fear set in as each of my steps shake the earth like a colossal earthquake ravaging the ground beneath their feet long before your mind can comprehend the mountainous woman which I am. I love watching you recognize the peril you find yourself in with every movement I make. 

Being a 15ft Giantess certainly brings me a lot of amusement and pleasure but it is nowhere near the excitement my Mega Giantess Sisters experience. 

After a lovely afternoon tea spend in the company of my fellow Giantesses and exchanging amusing stories about our little men and women I made up my mind. I wanted to grow larger and top off at 200ft.

With my mind firmly made up I went into action, never having been a Giantess of indecision and hesitation once I had a goal in mind.

I could hardly wait for Night to come and the moon to rise in the heavens. I spend hours clearing a special place large enough to accommodate my new soon to be humongous size in one of my forests about 200 miles away from the village which houses my favorite little men and women. I knew that I would be able to cover this distance in only moments once I had achieved my desired height. 

Finally the time was upon me and I lit the 3 ft high barn fire I had prepared to use to heat the growth potion I was about to brew in my pond sized cauldron. At first I struggled a little bit with the weight of this metal cauldron I had specially made by one of the Giants for me. A lovely Giant Blacksmith who wielded his hammer like the God Thor himself. Nice chap really, too bad I am not into Giants. I much prefer to amuse myself with my little men.

Hurriedly I added the ingredients necessary for my growth potion and chanted the ancient words passed down by my Giantess Sorceress Ancestors to me. I wanted the growth to happen quickly and the potion had to be potent and perfectly done.

As soon as the liquid was bubbling in my cauldron I lifted it from the fire and dipped my cup into the mixture. Very carefully as not to burn my lips I brought the cup to my lips and sipped its contents.

Within seconds my heart began to race and my skin started to itch as if it was growing too tight for me. I felt a tingle behind my eyes and than a stretching sensation as if unseen hands had hold on my head and feet and were pulling on me. I inhaled deeply and watched as the trees around me started to become smaller and smaller in comparison to my size. I had already grown 10 ft with only this single sip. I was elated and quickly took a bigger drink waiting breathlessly for the results….

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