Shrunken Son Returns To Mommys Giantess Stomach

This clip was a request from a new fan who purchased Vore-Hungry Mommy!. I had a lot of fun doing this one too! I hope you enjoy as well!

Also, All Month long I will be accepting video ideas via email. The custom fee will be dropped and I will produce at my usual rate of 1.25/minute!

So send me your Video Ideas Today! Contact me Here

Return To M0mmy’s Stomach

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I wake up to my shrunken son laying on my stomach. It has been wonderful having my son with me all the time, caring for him now that he is so small but I think it would be better to have him back in my stomach where he came from. So I tell my son my idea. Tell him It’s safer there and then we will always be together forever. He takes his last journey up to my mouth. I open wide and let him crawl in feet first to admire my body one last time as he is taken down my esophagus. I talk to him as he slides down into my stomach and floats around Isn’t this so exciting? I’m so happy to have you back inside me! POV and Blackout shots. *No Nudity *1280×720

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